Added insulation in floors is useful | Columnists

Added insulation in floors is useful | Columnists

Q. Our dwelling is on an insulated crawlspace. The floors ended up usually comfortable. We added on to our residing home, also with a crawl space. In the winter season no 1 will sit in that side of the home because it is so cold. We had the new crawlspace aspect walls foamed. With the incredibly hot drinking water heat pipes jogging by the crawl spaces, we did not expect this difficulty. Would insulating the flooring, in between the rafters, assistance? Make sure you, any recommendations? — Norma

A. Yes, it is advisable that the floors have at the very least an R-19 which is a 6” fiberglass batt.

But let’s 1st start with the crawl place it wants to be retained dry and have air circulation for the reason that dampness can be the damaging outcome to any insulation. Any foaming you do in the crawl would like to be a shut mobile style. If open up cell foam is employed it will absorb moisture and render it useless.

I advise sealing the crawl room off from the outside, indicating sealing up any vents and air sealing any penetrations. Make positive you have a fantastic vapor barrier on the flooring of the crawl with no holes or penetrations. You are seeking to end any humidity or floor gases from seeping into the crawl room ecosystem.

Now spray foam the exterior walls with at least 2” of closed mobile foam and make positive that you spray all the way to the underside of the floor. Bear in mind that the frost line in our area is at 36” below grade so from there up is the target space and the crawl that is higher than grade which include the band joist of the flooring method is the critical location.

If it is in your price range (spray foam can price up to $5 a square foot) spray foam the underside of the sub floor. You can spray a mild layer as a vapor barrier and air sealer and then insert 6” fiberglass for a effectively-insulated flooring system. Often don’t forget that a vapor barrier wants to be on the heat facet of the insulation and in the situation of your ground joist spaces would be up on the base of the floor.

If your crawl is damp, it will negatively have an affect on the insulation for the reason that the uncovered insulation will take in dampness that will decrease its usefulness.

You can use a home wrap materials on the base the floor joist that contains the insulation will help hold it in location and also shield the insulation.

Jeff Deahl is previous president of the Builders Affiliation of Northeast Indiana. Issues for the Sq. Corners column could be submitted to [email protected]