As snow piles up, how to guard from ice dams and problems to roofs

As snow piles up, how to guard from ice dams and problems to roofs

A forecast of two rounds of snow this week brings the menace of a further wintry mess: ice dams.

Some regions, particularly southeast of I-55, could see much more than eight inches of snow through Thursday, according to the National Temperature Services.

All that snow piling up on roofs really should give property owners a rationale to shudder this time of year.

Ice dams acquire as snow begins to soften with the escaping warmth of the house’s attic, runs down the roof and refreezes at the non-heated edges, jamming up gutters. With nowhere to go, the h2o could again up and leak into houses.

The temperature provider and roofers recommend applying a roof rake to help guard from the buildup of ice dams in freeze-thaw cycles.

Home owners can lengthen a rake to apparent snow up the slope of the roof from the gutters, but they need to use caution, roofing organizations say.

Do not commence chopping at the ice dam with a shovel, a hammer or an ax. You can expect to close up undertaking more harm than fantastic to the roof alone.

And be watchful not to scrape absent roofing supplies. You really don’t have to get appropriate down to the shingles.

If you might be not in a place to use a rake, connect with gurus. It should also go with out declaring: Never climb on to the roof to remove snow. Roof rakes, offered at dwelling improvement retailers, can get to some 20 toes though you remain properly on the ground.

Home owners also can try out inserting nylon stockings loaded with calcium chloride perpendicular to the gutter to slash channels in the ice — just like building a hole in a dam — so at least the h2o can operate down and in excess of it.

But there’s commonly an underlying culprit. Improper insulation in your attic, the weather company claims, can bring about warmth decline from the inside of the household and ice dam concerns.