pink ‘untitled’ concrete dwelling unfolds in the portuguese landscape

pink ‘untitled’ concrete dwelling unfolds in the portuguese landscape

Atelier JQTS introduces ‘Untitled’, a sturdy concrete dwelling 


Atelier JQTS has understood ‘Untitled,’ a concrete one-loved ones property in Portugal. By way of this job, the design team sought to merge both of those resistance and operation. Therefore, the resulting construction presents itself as a sturdy volume with straightforward geometries that kind a neat inner layout. 


Its rectangular shape is interrupted by a few volumes extending from the roof amount and working as skylights. This way, more daylight tackles in, and views open in the direction of the sky. With a similar formation, two masses on the south and east facades prolong downwards, collecting h2o from the roof. All photos by Diana Quintela



pink concrete home splashes versus eco-friendly landscape 


The building is produced of concrete maintained in its primitive point out. The style and design staff at Atelier JQTS used pigmented lime with a pink coloration and a easy complete to develop a visual distinction to the uncooked and textured concrete that styles the foundation and the ceiling. Simultaneously, with this heat coloring that differs in tone based on the all-natural light, the property stands out from its green environment. 


Construction-wise, the single-degree is described by a ribbed slab supplying the versatility of employs and a variety of extended-phrase scenarios. The dwelling thus employs a unfastened configuration, describing its functions with beams positioned in longitudinal and transversal instructions. Each individual of these areas is characterized by a set of secondary beams arranged in accordance to the smallest span. Ultimately, the roof slab completes the structural functionality, both of those in a mechanical perception and in its spatial factors.


When it comes to the materiality palette, the architects sought to maintain the concrete in its primary ailment whilst the wooden expresses its organic color and texture. Utilised both in the home furnishings and body openings, the latter provides warmth to the usually neutral inside. 

pink 'untitled' concrete house unfolds in the portuguese landscapepink 'untitled' concrete house emerges from portuguese landscape