Pro landscape photographer’s viewpoint after switching from complete-frame to the Fujifilm X program

Pro landscape photographer’s viewpoint after switching from complete-frame to the Fujifilm X program

Jeremy Gray

posted Thursday, January 6, 2022 at 10:30 AM EST



There’s at times a misconception that qualified photographers use specific cameras. Even however, with the ongoing incursion of mirrorless cameras into the kits of a lot of qualified photographers, some folks think that a pro camera ought to glimpse like a massive Canon or Nikon DSLR. Among photographers, properly, we know improved, proper? Nonetheless, there continue to be some thoughts about what helps make gear pro-oriented. A person of these concepts is that execs use full-frame or medium-format cameras. However, that is only not accurate. Experienced photographer Andy Mumford switched from a total-body digicam system to the Fuji X method back again in 2015. The change has experienced various results on Mumford, both skillfully and individually. In a new movie, Mumford discusses the change and how the switch impacted his professional landscape pictures.

As Mumford places it, cameras are the instrument of his trade. He will make all of his earnings from landscape images and has carried out so for yrs. If a digital camera method restricted his ability to receive money, it really is a safe and sound wager that he’d use something various. But he hasn’t normally been a pro landscape photographer. He labored as a marriage photographer for yrs and applied whole-frame Nikon DSLR cameras. Whilst operating as a wedding ceremony photographer, he generally took his DSLR tools out to capture landscape shots in his have time. Even so, over time, the heft and excess weight of the gear started to affect Mumford’s enjoyment of landscape photography. About this time, he went out and procured a Fujifilm X-T10 to use as a lightweight digital camera to seize snapshots. He didn’t intend to use it for ‘serious’ pictures. However, he fell in really like with the camera’s structure, dimensions, and functionality. When shooting, the X-T10 felt straight away intuitive and acquired out of Mumford’s way.

For a landscape photographer, traveling light-weight is crucial. Mumford can have two Fujifilm X cameras without having using up much more room than a solitary huge professional DSLR. He identified that making use of a lighter digicam system, both equally in conditions of the cameras themselves and the lenses, was a liberating experience. It built images much more pleasurable, less difficult and permitted Mumford to get the job done additional freely in the area.

However, a able photographic software demands a lot more than intelligent, lightweight design and style – picture quality issues. The narrative is frequently that whole-frame graphic sensors produce demonstrably superior image quality than the lesser APS-C sensors uncovered in the Fujifilm X method. A seem at Mumford’s portfolio tells you all you will need to know about the good quality of the Fujifilm X technique, although, and proves that APS-C sensors can capture attractive pics with fantastic tonal assortment, element and coloration.

That stated, all else equal, as Mumford himself factors out, a total-frame graphic sensor does generate better picture top quality than an APS-C impression sensor. A more substantial sensor can have larger sized pixels which can seize extra gentle. A larger sized impression sensor can also easily incorporate lots of additional pixels devoid of major degradation in image top quality or significant ISO performance. Nevertheless, just for the reason that one choice is improved doesn’t imply that the other alternative is terrible. The Fujifilm X technique performs exceedingly properly for Mumford, his workflow, and his photography. The cameras are intuitive and lightweight, the lenses are exceptional and fairly compact, and the ensuing photos are gorgeous. Mumford uses the proper resource for the job.



Selecting the right digicam for you demands that you stability a wide variety of distinct concerns. Some of these things to consider contradict each other, also, so you need to determine out what you want to prioritize. Soon after using whole-frame DSLR cameras for decades, Mumford prioritized a lighter digicam with superb ergonomics. The Fujifilm X method manufactured feeling and he has not looked again. For you, it may be a thing distinctive. But it really is clear that sensor dimensions is not the finish-all, be-all of the perfect camera program. And no make any difference what you pick out, as Mumford outlines around the conclude of the online video, there is no these thing as the perfect digital camera and there will normally be disadvantages.

To see more films from Andy Mumford, head to his YouTube channel. You can watch his perform and learn additional about his workshops by traveling to his web site.

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