Roofing business aiding tornado victims protect houses as cleanup continues

Roofing business aiding tornado victims protect houses as cleanup continues

BRYAN COUNTY, Ga. (WTOC) – From the Hendrix Park parking ton, you get a see of a great deal of the problems, from the dugouts at the baseball fields to the sophisticated. Suitable future door is the Park Place community.

The blue tarps are very easily seen now with most of the trees involving sheared in 50 percent by the tornado. The cleanup effort in that neighborhood carries on Thursday, as people and volunteers there to aid them get the job done to obvious particles and sift through the hurt to come across cherished merchandise.

With the danger of rain Wednesday, a whole lot of individuals with destroyed roofs had been scrambling to get tarps up to keep what hadn’t been broken by Tuesday night’s storm from obtaining damp.

One roofing firm operator made the decision he needed to step up and assist in that effort and at no expense to the house owner.

“We’re out right here heading doorway to door and tarping everybody’s roof for cost-free. It does not come to feel like they ought to have to commit any income when they by now been by this variety of tragedy,” Michael’s Roofing owner Mike Cannon said. “This is…some actually heartbroken men and women about right here. But they have been so grateful. And the fireplace section and the county found out we were tarping roofs for totally free, and they arrived by and supplied us with tarps and beverages and pizza. They’ve just been, Bryan County’s been great searching out for us.”

At that point, Cannon says his team had put tarps about two dozen properties amongst Park Spot and other tricky-strike places.

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