Use care when insulating under new roofing | Columnists

Use care when insulating under new roofing | Columnists

Q. My sister and I have a lake cottage that we all love on Lake James. We lease it during the winter season to a regular monthly renter and rent weekly for the duration of the summer time when we are not there. The cottage started off as a modest cottage and then was added to in the 1970s and then a much larger addition was included in the 1980s. We have a roof leak more than the bedroom location and are finding estimates for changing the roof. This similar area has a vaulted ceiling with wooden beams and wooden “V” groove T&G involving so there is no attic. I know this region is not insulated at all to the other attic spots we ended up capable to insert insulation. Is there a way to insulate beneath the new roofing and not have to disrupt the inside look? — Jean and Julie

A. Of course, you can look at incorporating a layer of foam insulation about the present roof deck then increase sub sheeting and then new roofing but there are various things you must search at.

The present roofing will need to have to be eradicated so that there is not any unwanted excess weight on the roof structure. Check the dimensions and spacing of the existing rafters to make absolutely sure they will maintain the additional pounds together with snow load.

In a long time previous some buildings have been created without real pointers as to rafter measurement and from time to time they are deficient or they use also compact of rafter.

Also, there are several forms of obtainable foam insulation such as Polystyrene, extruded Polystyrene and polyisocyanurate. The most prevalent and offered is the XPO or Extruded Polystyrene at your nearby lumber business.

Suggestions are to protected or glue the insulation down and using a flashing tape seal the seams of the insulation. If you are applying numerous levels, stagger the seams so there is no direct seam to seam void and utilize sealing tape. Then include a 7/16 OSB sub sheeting in excess of the insulation with extended screws into the rafters.

Keep in thoughts that if you overlook the rafter and go via the original sheeting the screw will arrive by means of the concluded interior ceiling. They also manufacture and promote a laminated insulation on a OSB sheeting panel that is available, but it prices a minor extra. Be positive and consider about the extra thickness of that roof and how it will have an affect on the facias and connection details to the adjacent roofs.

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